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Orbital Mechanics by Tatiana Plakhova

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Artur Grottger. Great Forest

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Nadia Wicker: PAMPELIŠKA

Artist on Tumblr | on Behance | Facebook

Model : Alexia Giordano
Stylism : Brigade Mondaine

French photographer Nadia Wicker is an illusion artists, a master in the art of transporting oneself into their own visual universe.

Self-taught photographer and makeup artist, Wicker works in the genres of fashion and fine-art photography.

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“I am carrying such weights of absolute sadness that I must at any moment be dragged down into the deepest sea and the person trying to seize or even “rescue” me would give up, not from weakness, not even from hopelessness but from sheer annoyance.”

Franz Kafka, from Letters To Milena  (via mirroir)

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Dance of the Heron (@Helen Warner photography)

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Hermia: Emptying our bosoms of their counsel sweet.

William Heath Robinson, from A midsummer-night’s dream, by William Shakespeare, New York, 1914.


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Magdalena Lutek

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